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Church Builder is a customizable content- and member-management systems specifically developed to meet the needs of churches. It can be formatted to look the way your church wants while maintaining an easy-to-manage editing system of articles, ministries, events, calendar items, and members.

Main features

  • Articles can be entered once and appear in several different locations
  • Rotating slideshows or single photos on landing pages.
  • Church information pages.
  • Sermon upload, download and storage.
  • Links from home page slideshow to corresponding articles.
  • Facebook feed.
  • Listing of service times available from any page.
  • Prayer request, contact a pastor and general comment/question forms.
  • Ministry listings.
  • Numerous categories of events and ministries.
  • Online donations (coming very soon).
  • Form and newsletter downloads.
  • The site loads on any size web browser (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and has tools and features built in to make it accessible to the blind.

Membership management

One of the chief features of Church Builder is its member management system, which includes:

  • Member and non-member registration, including contact information, birthday, youth/adult, and membership number.
  • A gifts and talents database that tracks members' interests, training levels, and equipment ownership. Wouldn't it be nice to know which members of your congregation own chainsaws or are capable of designing flyers?
  • Shut-in and widow ministry tracking.

Planned features

We're not done building Church Builder. Upcoming features will include:

  • Event registration tied to articles about the event. Members will be able to sign up for events themselves, or website administrators will be able to sign up for them.
  • Document downloads related to events.
  • Reports for event organizers of who has signed up for the event.