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Penn State Beaver,
Penn State Shenango

Webmaster, Designer, CMS Manager, Marketing, Branding, Training, User Support

Cathy works for Penn State, where she is in charge of marketing and web at Penn State Beaver and, more recently, Penn State Shenango.

Most of the base design of the campus websites was done by a committee of web and marketing specialists from several Penn State campuses. However, Cathy was the chief designer of the Admissions page, which is significantly different from the rest of the site. Cathy and the campuses' content providers are responsible for interpreting the base design and making decisions on its implementation on a case-by-case basis.

As webmaster, Cathy:

  • Is responsible for both campuses' efforts to become fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.
  • Trains content editors on how to create their own pages correctly.
  • Triages pages that suffer from bad code, whether it was introduced by users or by the content management system.
  • Creates marketing content to promote the campuses to prospective students.

In addition to managing the main campus sites, Cathy designed the look for the Penn State Beaver Athletics site and worked with the outside company to develop it. Currently that site and the main campus sites are in the process of being redesigned to make them responsive and more in line with the new design of the main Penn State website.